Race Wrap— 6th Annual Energy Suspension NMCA West Street Car Nationals

The 6th Annual Energy Suspension NMCA West Street Car Nationals

on September 15-17 is the third of four races that make up the VP Racing Fuels NMCA West Drag Racing Series championship season. The hot, drag-strip action was joined by the turning and burning craziness over at the Hotchkis Auto X presented by Nitto Tire.

In ProCharger Outlaw Street competition, Michael Orban’s ’68 Camaro led qualifying with a 4.98-second performance. Orban would go on to the final where he lost to Richard Morris and his 1966 Chevy Nova, 5.097 to 5.339.

The winner at the second race of the season, Lucas Oil Ultra Street racer Dan Dagata was the number one qualifier with a 5.294-second effort. His ’66 Mustang didn’t have the power to get to the final, though, which featured Brian Greenberg and Mike Silva. There, Greenberg’s 6.47 was good enough to beat Silva’s 6.53 run for the trip to the Aerospace Components Winner’s Circle.

So far sweeping the series with three wins in a row in ARP Outlaw 8.5 competition, Orland, California’s George Raygoza qualified number one with a 4.812 from his Chevy Nova. He found his way to the final round where he ran a 4.828 to defeat Tim Orello and his Camaro, which mustered a 6.160-second effort.

Victor Brum set the pace during qualifying for Lucas Oil NA 10.5 with an 8.069 performance. However, it was Joe Keurjikian squaring off against Ross Wilson in the final round. There, Wilson charged to a holeshot victory with an 8.124 to Keurjikian’s 8.114—the difference being Wilson’s .078 light to Keurjikian’s .103.

In Meziere Top Sportsman action, the final round pitted the Trans Am of Joe Stannard against the Corvette of Doug Crumlich. The race was over at the start, though, as Crumlich went -.004 red and sent Stannard to the Winner’s Circle.

Champion Cooling Systems Pro Comp competitor Bob Harris was set to race Bruno Doyle in the final round of competition, but Doyle was unable to complete the run, thereby giving Harris the event win.

The FSC Open Comp final was a Ford vs. Ford, 80s flair affair. Greg Dreher and his 1984 Mustang took on Monte LaFrenz and his 1984 Thunderbird. Dreher was .057 to LaFrenz’s .066 on the light, and use that and a 10.221 on a 10.21 to defeat LaFrenz and his 9.510 on a 9.51 dial in.

In the final round of TBT Racing Products Street Comp, it was the Nova of Mike Sayle pitted against the Chevy wagon of Nick Cuaresma. Sayle had the better light (.108 to .171) and took the win with his 10.883 on his 10.81 dial in over Cuaresma who was 11.110 on an 11.10.

The Vega wagon is an uncommon sight anywhere, but this weekend saw a lot of David Butler’s ’74 model in Edelbrock Super Quick competition. Butler made the rounds to get to the final where he faced Bob Harris and his far more modern Pontiac Grand Am. Butler grabbed the starting line advantage and went 10.618 on his 10.61 dial in to defeat Harris who was 10.011 on a 9.90 bid.

After five rounds of tough competition, Randy Wilson showed he had what it took to win in Calvert Racing Quick Street. Wilson’s ’72 Nova faced Marvin Roles’ ’72 Vega in the final, and while he was slightly slower off the line, he made up for it at the top end, running 9.611 on a 9.61 dial in to win over Roles’ 10.227 on a 10.20 dial in.

Bringing a very bright green Mustang to the Aerospace Components Winner’s Circle this weekend was John Wright of Las Vegas, Nevada. Competing in Mustang Madness, Wright found himself facing east coast-based Donnie Bowles in the final round of competition. There, he led the charge off the line (.019 to .072) and picked up the win with a 10.420 on a 10.40 dial in, while Bowles was further off with a 10.268 on a 10.22.

Classic Performance Products Nostalgia Street Car always has killer cars and killer racers among the contingent, and at the third Fontana NMCA West stop, it was Paul Geis and his wicked red pickup truck that was victorious over double NMCA West champion Mike Nordahl. Geis had the better light and was 11.037 on his 11.00 bid to win over Nordahl’s breakout run of 10.482 on a 10.50 index.

Gear Vendors True Street offered a diverse cross section of early and modern muscle cars and this weekend it was Bill Olson who found himself ahead of the rest. Olson averaged 9.352 seconds over three runs for the overall win. Dan Geis was bridesmaid once again, with a runner up performance of 9.692 seconds. Michael Webb once again grabbed the 10-second win, improving his three-run average to a 10.372; and Gary Goodner was right behind him with an 11.425 to nab the 11-second. Next was Nick Cuaresma who grabbed the 12-second award with a 12.093 average; Tyson McPherson taking the 13-second win in his Mustang; Melanie Green once again hoisting the 14-second plaque with a near unbeatable 14.005 effort; and Edward Narvaez who pulled the 15-second prize with his Subaru Impreza.

This event marked the second NMCA West Top Dragster shootout this year, and Jason Dawson once again owned the race, making it two-in a row after defeating Steve Moeller in the final round.

In the Edelbrock Bracket Showdown on Saturday, Will Mangrum took the Super Pro win, Rod McGregor grabbed the Pro award, and Brenda Cox grabbed the trophy in Sportsman. Sunday’s winners were James Warden in Super Pro, Trey Sommers Pro, and CW Hoeffer in Sportsman.

Also contested at NMCA West events is the Hotchkis Auto X presented by Nitto Tire. The autocross is run by Racing Byrds and features everything from American iron to sport compacts. Awards for the two-day competition are as follows:


Modern Muscle: Greg Nelson ’14 Camaro 38.392

Classic Muscle: Casey Cronin ’72 Vette 38.748

Sports Car Class: Eric Sheely ‘16 Focus RT 38.010

Compact Car Class: Troy Lyman ‘07 Saturn Sky 41.562

Truck Class: Wes D ‘59 Apache 40.06

Fastest Women: Jane Thurmond ‘64 Corvette 39.518

Top Time of the Day: Eric Sheely ‘16 Focus RT 38.010

Spirit of the Event: *Katie Ryker (Chad and Jenni Ryker’s 1-week-old daughter)

Unlimited/ Exhibition Class: Eric Sheely ‘17 Mustang GT350R 38.43


Modern Muscle: Paul Molina ‘17 Mustang GT350R 39.558

Classic Muscle: Greg Thurmond ’65 Vette 39.572

Sports Car Class: Eric Sheely ‘16 Focus RT 38.83

Compact Car Class: Troy Lyman ‘07 Saturn Sky 41.632

Truck Class: Wes D ‘59 Apache 41.178

Fastest Women: Jane Thurmond ’64 Vette 40.528

Top Time of the Day: Eric Sheely ‘16 Focus RT 38.83

Spirit of the Event: Rob Phillips

Unlimited/ Exhibition Class: Jordan Priestley ZL1/1LE Camaro 40.18

Hotchkis Cup Runner-up: Eric Sheely ‘16 Focus 39.5863

Hotchkis Event Cup Winner: John Lazorack III ‘88 Conquest 39.4863


The 2017 NMCA West championships will be wrapped up at the 6th Annual Mickey Thompson NMCA West Coast World Finals October 13-15.