NMCA West Outlaw 8.5 Rule Clarification


From, NMCA WEST Technical Department. Attention NMCA WEST Outlaw 8.5 racers. Considering the feedback, we have received the Tech committee realized that we needed additional clarification on the Outlaw 8.5 rules. In the past, there has been some confusion on what superchargers are permitted in the class, and whether they actually met the intent of the rulebook. In an effort to clarify this moving forward, the NMCA West Tech committee has specified a strict housing diameter limit on superchargers to ensure that all competitors are following the rulebook as intended.  These changes will insure a competitive balance between various power adders, while not excluding or banning any existing or past combinations. The following changes have been made:

  • A base weight adjustment has been made for Small block combinations using a 4.090 or smaller permitted supercharger. 3150lbs
  • A base weight increase has been made for small block combinations using a bigger than 4.090, with a maximum 4.265 housing limit permitted supercharger. 3,250lbs

Link to NMCA WEST Outlaw 8.5 updated rules online: http://www.nmcawest.com/dl/rules/85.pd